(Extended!!) OS Proposal Submission Deadline: by June 30, 2017

H. S. Kim
2017-06-12 14:05

The deadline for submission of proposal for Invited (Organized) Session or Mini-symposium
has been extended to June 30(FRI), 2017.

The goal of invited (organized) sessions and mini-symposiums is to provide focused discussions
on a new topic or innovative applications of a new approach.

Prospective organizers of invited (organized) sessions and mini-symposiums should submit their proposal
via online. The submitted sessions by organizers appear in the "List of Organized Session" menu in the website.

* In addition, organizers of mini-symposiums should submit the form for organization by e-mail

One session (one and a half hours) presenting in lecture (oral) session contains 5 or 6 papers.
Mini-symposium is composed of 2 to 3 sessions, and the organizer can set up the presentation time.

The organizers may be requested to review the papers and be a session chair.

The individual papers should be submitted electronically with their own ID.
In submitting the papers, the authors should choose the corresponding invited (organized) session or
mini-symposium in the list.
* Presentation Type: Lecture (oral)