Award Winners

H. S. Kim
2017-10-31 16:52
Award Winners

Outstanding Paper Award Winners

- By Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
Paper Title Author(s)
1 Learning drone-control actions in surveillance videos Sunyoung Cho, Dae Hoe Kim, Yong Woon Park
(Agency for Defense Development)
2 Closed-loop Multi-rate Identification with zone-MPC using Constrained Subspace Method ByungJun Park, Se-Kyu Oh, Jong Min Lee
(Seoul National University)
3 On-line Approximated Just-In-Time Model Predictive Control for Batch Trajectory Tracking Dong Hwi Jeong, Jong Min Lee
(Seoul National University)
4 Consensus of linear time-invariant multi-agent system over multilayer network Seungjoon Lee, Hyungbo Shim
(Seoul National University)
5 On dynamic output-feedback control for uncertain singular Markovian jump system: LMI approach In Seok Park, Nam Kyu Kwon, Poogyeon Park
- By General Chair of ICCAS 2017
Paper Title Author(s)
1 On the H2 and Hinf Performance of Uncertain Positive Systems Maryam Babazadeh
(Sharif University of Technology, Iran)
2 Robust Variable Stiffness Control of McKibben Type Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Arm by using Multiple Model Error Compensator Yuto Yamamoto, Nobutomo Matsunaga, Hiroshi Okajima
(Kumamoto University, Japan)
(King Mongkut’s Institute of technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)
4 Design of Virtual Platoon Control System using Augmented Reality to Assist Welfare Vehicle Users Ryota Kimura, Nobutomo Matsunaga,
Hiroshi Okajima, Gou Koutaki
(Kumamoto University, Japan)
5 Path planning for remotely controlled UAVs using Gaussian process filter Jaehyun Yoo
(KTH Royal institute of technology, Sweden),
H. Jin Kim
(Seoul National Univ., Korea),
Karl H. Johannson
(KTH Royal institute of technology, Sweden)
Student Best Paper Award Winners

(By General Chair of ICCAS 2017)
Paper Title Author(s)
1 3D Pose Tracking for GPS-denied Terrain Rovers by Fast State Variable Extension and Enhanced Motion Model Nilesh Suriyarachchi
(University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
2 Extraction of GGO regions from chest CT images using deep learning Kazuki Hirayama
(Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
3 Dynamic Map Management for Vehicle Localization in Large Scale Area Hyungjin Kim
(KAIST, Korea)
4 Demand Response Considering Participation Rate in Smart Grid: Two Level Optimal Management for DisCo and Customers Ryuto Shigenobu
(University of the Ryukyus, Japan)
Student Best Paper Award Finalists

  • “Maneuverability Evaluation of Skid Steer Welfare Vehicle for Robust Assistance Control with Model Error Compensator”
    - Shoichi Sakamoto (Kumamoto University, Japan)

  • “System Identification with Mixed Binary-valued and Precise Measurements”
    - Hang Zhang (Chinese Academy of Science, China)

  • “Adaptive Backstepping Control of Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell”
    - Ravi Mukeshbhai Patel (Inst. of Infrastructure Tech., Research and Management, India)

  • “A newborn anti-windup scheme based on state prediction of fractional integrator for variable speed motor”
    - Sandeep Pandey (VNIT, Nagpur, India)

  • “OctoMap-Based Coverage Path Planning for Inspection of 3D Structures”
    - Sungwook Jung (KAIST, Korea)

Best Presentation Award Winners for Interactive Poster Sessions

(By Organizing Chair of ICCAS 2017)

- Grand Awards
Paper Title Author(s)
1 Initial dip-based brain area identification for right-hand finger movement Amad Zafar
(Pusan National University, Korea)
2 A Study on the Effects of Negative Power Assistance on Walking Efficiency Using an Ankle Exoskeleton Christian William Bundschu
(Seoul National University, Korea)
3 Effect of Model Accuracy in Model Predictive Control for Vehicle Steering System Hyunsik Nam
(Pusan National University, Korea)
4 Compliance control of a rescue robot in interact with ground Byunghun Choi
(Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
- Awards
Paper Title Author(s)
1 PID Control for Formation Flight in Presence of Disturbance Rebbecca Thien
(Gyeongsang National University, Korea)
2 Locomotion identification under load and various walking environment using surface electromyography and ground reaction force” Seulki Kyeong
(KAIST, Korea)
3 Current Measurement Module for Inexpensive DC Motor Torque Control System Tsuyoshi Mori
(Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
4 The effective rehabilitation method realizing various environments in robot assisted gait training Minsu Chang
(Sogang University, Korea)
5 Road Profile Estimation using Inertial Sensors Juhui Gim
(Pusan National University, Korea)
6 Extension of Simplified Internal Model Control for Systems with Double Integrators Hanbit Lee
(DGIST, Korea)
7 A Solution to Optimal Preview Control for Linear Time-Varying Systems Kunhee Ryu
(Kwangwoon University, Korea)
8 Gain Selection Method for Robustness Enhancement in Sliding Mode Control Combined with Decoupled Disturbance Compensator with Unknown Inertia in
Industrial Servo Systems
Ji-Seok Han
(Seoul National University, Korea)
9 Evaluation of Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation Acceleration Sensation by Myoelectricity of Cervical Shallow-layer Muscles Kazu Irisawa
(National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College, Japan)
10 Cuboid based Geometric Calibration: A Preliminary Study Soyoung Chung
(Seoul Woman's University, Korea)
11 Tgo Rational Function Biased PN Guidance Law for Precise Impact Angle with First-Order Dynamic Lag Chanyeong Kim
(Handong Global Universirty, Korea),
12 Incorporating Building Information to Globalize and Robustify Grid-Based Indoor SLAM Markus Hiller
(Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
13 Convolutional Neural Network-Based Pose-Graph SLAM System Using a Monocular Vision Sensor TaeJae Lee
(Seoul National University, Korea)
14 A new method for obtaining multiple array signal measurements using single RF channel Sanghyouk Choi
(Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea)
15 Kalman Filter Based Multiple Human Tracking Method in Multi-Camera Environment Gyeore Lee
(KIST School, Korea University of Science and Technology, Korea)